Monday, April 28, 2008

Gifts (Praises) in the Storm

At this, Job got up and tore his robe and shaved his head. Then he fell to the ground in worship
"Naked I came from my mother's womb,
and naked I will depart. [a]
The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away;
may the name of the LORD be praised."
and said:

In all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing.

Job 1:20-22

33. Sweet Fragrance

34. chickadees singing their song on a Spring, rainy day reminding me that if God cares so much for the birds than surely He is going to see me through.

35. rain hitting the window panes shutting out all of the sounds and chaos of the world

36. grief that can only be cured by God causing me to seek only Him

37. affirmation from a sister in Christ that I look up to as an example of perseverence

38. pictures colored from my children that include "I love Mama!"

39. the color green after a long winter

40. finding a long lost favorite worship cd

41. God's Word -- so many days we take for granted that we have His written word while others remain without in their own language

42. the hooting of a visiting owl in our tree in the drive way --you have no idea how rare this is as we live in a tiny town lot with neighbors all close together. I have never heard an owl so close near home! What a beautiful sound to my ears in the middle of the night to remind me that God is still up and in control while I rest.

43. chocolate brought home from the kindness of my husband to say, "I love you and was thinking of you while at work."

44. the color yellow on the gold finches who have been visiting our bird feeder and the blossoms on our forsythias as well as the yellow daffodils standing up tall as if to shout out, Spring had come with new life in abundance!

45. kind neighbors-- who offered our family to use their huge yard to play ball in as well as their long driveway to ride bikes.

46. personalities --I love watching how God uses each one of us in a different way to accomplish His will.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

32. The Best Gift Of ALL!!

Христос Воскресе! Воистину Воскресе!

I woke up this morning with such a joy in my heart to know that so many all around the world are rejoicing today as they celebrate Pascha. Although many friends and family are afar I find such peace in my soul that we are lifting praises to our KING together. Thank you Jesus for your church and for the best gift of all--- YOU!

Monday, March 31, 2008

One Thousand Gifts

Inspired by the Hunsucker Family and therefore Ann, the originator of the concept of the one thousand gifts, I have decided to join in with giving my own personal list of 1000 gifts of gratitude. Please read here on Ann's site for further explanation on the specifics. It would seem that many would start something like this during November when we are all thinking of giving thanks. However, I felt it would be good to start now during my time of waiting on the Lord for answers on our pending adoption along with other unspoken aspects we are taking before the Lord. I pray that within this time I spend to see the wonderful blessings the Lord grants me daily that I will remain grounded in faithfulness to the responsibilities that the Lord has already given me such great privilege to!

1. Caleb, 8 years old, who is not too old to find comfort during sickness by cuddling with his Mama while twirling my hair between his fingers.
2. the birds song in the morning that give hope to new life and spring arriving soon
3. music that can soothe an anxious heart and bring calm to a child's energetic soul. The music is playing on my site. I never intended on adding music but, while at Ann's site Caleb fell in love with the music and asked if he could go to sleep with it playing.
4. tears, as without them there would be no season of joy
5. uncertainty, for it is during that time I find I rely the most on Jesus rather than my own understanding.
6. hardship, so that I stop and take time to grow
7. chocolate chip cookies from a special friend that reminds me I am loved
8. older child reading to a younger sibling reminding me that progress is continually made
9. Jared and dh worshiping with instruments together for the first time (papa on guitar, Jared on piano playing, "Our God is an Awesome God")
10. our family breaking out spontaneously in acappella worship --my heart is especially warmed by hearing the praises being lifted up with five year old little voices
11. piano keys that are plucked daily by children without perfection =)
12. being showered with cards by so many on my birthday
13. an interruption from a child who wants only Mama to read a book to her
14. the mistake done of a child that then allows me the opportunity to correct, mold and encourage that child that he can do it right and become the child of God he was meant to be regardless of his start in life
15. faith like a child -our boys are convinced that we are going to Ukraine no matter what I tell them the circumstances are at this time.
16. coconut milk from a fresh coconut
17. watching my girls enjoy playing with a musical baby doll I had growing up
18. warm blankets on a cold northeast night
19. the soft, yet confident, touch of my husband's hands to comfort me
20. my twins' beautiful, long hair freshly cleaned after their bath
21. no inhibitions! Phoebe frequently freely sings and dances on the fireplace hearth as if no one else in the world exists. She doesn't even know I notice from afar ;)
22. Watching Chloe sit in a quiet corner with her Bible, flipping pages and gazing intently, even though she cannot read the words.
23. three yellow crocuses that came up just before the next snow fall
24. finding out that the facilitator currently holding our dossier in Ukraine to be submitted is "Aunt" Ilona who helped our boys come home from Mykolayiv in '99.
25. excitement (and calmness) of my children's new fish tank in our home.
26. having friends from afar, with a deep passion for lost souls, that can bring you encouraging words and a Christ like example - thank you Phyllis and Shannon :-)
27. 97.5% of our missions budget raised-- we are almost there!!!
28. receiving a special letter in the mail from my sister
29. a new beginning for Benaiah
30. the warmth of my calico cat lying across my arms as I type
31. snow falling causing me to be amazed at God's creation and giving me that sense that HE is in control of all things

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Why this blog?

I decided to set aside a place where I can share my heart's longing for the things of Christ. I am not perfect, but merely a pilgrim trying to be more like Christ as I listen to His voice. What you will see here is my deepest desire to give my gratitude, my dreams and all I have over to Jesus. I have many blogs that allow me to specifically journal about my children, our family's ministry, our adoption journeys and life in general. However, this time I wanted a special place that reflected more of my deeper thoughts of God's inner workings of my life. I wanted a place that I did not have to worry about showing that perfect picture collage to tell a story of an event, but rather a place to just speak of my personal relationship with the Lord. If others can benefit from me doing so then that, of course, is an added benefit. As Paul stated in Corinthians, follow me as I follow Christ. My prayer is that this blog is a blessing of worship unto my Lord and my Abba Father as I allow His Spirit to guide me.

Why the name? Being a busy Missionary wife and homeschooling Mama I do not get much time to write my contemplations as the Lord speaks during the day. I am a very reflective person, but like to be alone as I do so. I have always been a night owl as I love the serene silence of the night. It is in this peacefulness, at the end of a busy day, that I am able to turn my thoughts completely over to God. Others are morning people and I have yet to accomplish this as I am easily distracted by what must be done for the day. For me I find great satisfaction knowing another day has been completed with the Lord's help. Of course, like all of God's children I strive to be the in word, singing psalms or interceding in prayer during the day, but it is as the sun goes down that I am able to fully say, "Thank you Jesus!" or "What area is it, Lord, that you want more of me?"

The picture you see above is a silhouette of me at my very favorite place to reflect during the summer. It is in God's beauty that I am most in awe of His Majesty!! (I would kindly ask that you refrain from copying the above picture as it's quite special and personal to me.)

With that said... I have not decided whether to have comments or not. For now I will keep that option open, but would like to keep the comments a continuation of praise to our Heavenly Father. This blog is an attempt to be all for Jesus! =)